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About Bay Instruments

Established in 2000, Bay Instruments, LLC assists researchers in acquiring the membrane inlet mass spectrometry (MIMS) capability developed by Todd Kana and colleagues at Horn Point Laboratory of the University of Maryland. Our focus is rapid, high precision measurement of the dissolved air gases, nitrogen, oxygen and argon, for applications in aquatic denitrification and system metabolism. We also provide solutions for other applications. Bay Instruments sells complete systems and specialized inlets, and we provide application expertise and assistance.

Bay Instruments provides services and products in three core areas:

NEW! CISME Distributor
Underwater Photosynthesis and Respiration Instrument

We have recently become the sales and marketing representative for CISME Instruments. The instrument is compatible with our expertise in photosynthesis and environmental gas measurements. 

CISME was developed by Drs. Alina M. Szmant and Robert F. Whitehead, University of North Carolina Wilmington Center for Marine Science. They have a set of instruments available for testing by trained and qualified research divers who are willing to collaborate with CISME Instruments by giving feedback. A few “early adopter” units are available for sale.

CISME instruments are sold through Bay Instruments.

Bay Instruments MIMS

Bay Instruments offers a unique MIMS that is optimized for the challenging requirements of environmental science. We currently have instruments in 14+ countries and numerous universities and research facilities throughout the United States. Our first installed instruments are still going strong. Our niche market for measurement of the dissolved air gases has been our emphasis and Bay Instruments remains close to the environmental science and oceanography communities.

The N2/Ar technique for denitrification is effectively synonymous with the Bay Instruments’ MIMS. However, we are always open to new applications that would benefit from our MIMS solution. We have worked with industry and government laboratories (see Applications) developing new capabilities and applications. We have a track record of working with end-users and subsidizing feasibility projects prior to purchase commitments. Sometimes it pans out, sometimes it doesn’t.

The Bay Instruments’ MIMS is the culmination of 20+ years of identifying, understanding, and optimizing the technique for high precision, high accuracy, and high reliability. We attempt to make quadrupole mass spectrometers look like high performance isotope ratio mass spectrometers from the data perspective. We often come close, and at a much lower price, (equipment and labor included). We have assisted others in retrofitting their non-optimal MIMS instruments with our membrane inlet configuration.

We believe in Keeping It Simple, which many of our clients appreciate. Nuances of the instrument and applications are many and our clients value our accumulated knowledge and expertise.

WALZ Representative for the US and Canada

In 2015, Bay Instruments became the exclusive distributor of WALZ photosynthesis equipment for the US and Canada. Our founder’s academic research includes 20+ years of experience with WALZ chlorophyll fluorometers, both for research and teaching. We provide technical, marketing, sales and training assistance to the WALZ company. We keep a limited range of instruments at our facility for demonstrations and loans.


Pfeiffer Vacuum Equipment Distributor

We have incorporated Pfeiffer Vacuum quadrupole mass spectrometers and vacuum equipment in our MIMS since 1990. Pfeiffer Vacuum’s reputation for quality and reliability has translated to Bay Instruments MIMS that are low maintenance and high quality. Our relationship with Pfeiffer Vacuum allows us to quote equipment at substantial discounts in many cases. We sell only new, fully warrantied equipment. We are happy to provide quotes for any item in Pfeiffer Vacuum’s product line.

Core Competencies
  • Bay Instruments was founded by Dr. Todd Kana in 2000 for commercialization of academic research in analytical instrumentation for environmental science
  • Expertise:Membrane inlet mass spectrometry (MIMS)
    • Fluorescence
    • Photosynthesis
    • High precision gas measurements
    • Quadrupole mass spectrometry
    • High vacuum technology
    • Instrument customization
    • Application assistance
  • High vacuum instrument, equipment and supply sales
  • Dun & Bradstreet, Federal registered.
Products and Services

Bay Instruments is an authorized distributor of Pfeiffer Vacuum equipment and an authorized Walz representative.

  • Pumping Stations
  • Rotary Vane Pumps
  • Diaphragm Pumps
  • Turbopumps
  • Complete Custom Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer
  • Software Customization for Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Control
  • Delivery, Instruction and Initial Setup of Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer
  • Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry Consultation, Training, and Installation Follow-Up Services
  • Walz Fluorometers and Photosynthesis Equipment and Supplies
  • Walz Trouble-Shooting and Individual or Group Technical Training and/or Assistance.
Our Clients

Our customers are primarily in the research community associated with university and government laboratories.  Throughout our existence, we have incorporated Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc. mass spectrometers and vacuum equipment in our value-added instruments. Through our unique coupling of the Bay Instruments mass spectrometer and Walz fluorometers, researchers can now achieve better and more accurate data.


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