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  • Reliable and robust chlorophyll fluorometer for studying photosynthesis in and under water
  • Implementing the latest progress in LED technology, optics and electronics
  • To date, about 500 scientific papers containing measurements with the DIVING-PAM have been published

The DIVING-PAM-II fluorometer permits examinations of photosynthesis down to 50 m water depth. All functions of the instrument can be controlled by 10 infrared reflection switches situated inside a transparent, cylinder-shaped housing. A new feature is the energy-saving B/W screen which displays instrument status and measured data. The transflective screen is readable even under sunlight. For long-term assessment of photosynthesis, the instrument can also be operated by a computer via a special underwater cable.

The innovative Miniature Spectrometer MINI-SPEC, being part of the basic DIVING-PAM-II system, adds a new level of information to studies of photosynthesis. The MINI-SPEC measures spectra of PAR, which are known to vary significantly with water depth. The device also permits spectral analyses of reflectance and fluorescence emission of a sample. Also new is an internal PAR sensor which continuously records the intensity of the internal light source of the DIVING-PAM-II.