Quikdata Software for Bay Instruments Mass Spectrometers

Visualize → Assess → Grab → Paste …… Quickly

  • Purpose built for accurate and quick data assessment and transfer to your personal data spreadsheet
  • Complements Pfeiffer Vacuum’s Quadera software for complete instrument control
  • Uncomplicated, streamlined, efficient, and QUICK
  • Compatible with Pfeiffer Vacuum’s PrismaPlus and HiQuad mass spectrometers
  • Legacy software is available for Prisma and Model 422 mass spectrometers

Quikdata Specifications

  • Compatible Mass Spectrometers: Pfeiffer Vacuum PrismaPlus and HiQuad
  • Number of mass channels: 128 max, typically 3-6
  • Charting: All data displayed on single chart; ability to zoom/magnify individual channel data to visualize noise level; running averages over user-defined intervals
  • Online ratios: User-defined mass1/mass2 ion current ratios; maximum 5
  • Channel configurations: Channel mode, Detector, Measure Mode, First Mass, Width, Dwell/Speed, Resolution, Amp Mode, Amp Range, Pause Cal, SEM V
  • Data Operation Mode: Multiple ion detection (MID)
  • Data cycle records: Current or previous data cycle (including timestamp) accessible by single mouse click (data copied to Windows clipboard). Designed for pasting into user-defined spreadsheet
  • Instrument control: Filament on/off; Filament select; SEM on/off; Common SEM voltage; Data cycle run, pause, and stop; offset measurement
  • Logging: Running cycle data with timestamps optionally autosaved to disk file