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Walz Photosynthesis and Fluorometry Equipment Representative

We are excited to become USA and Canada representative for Heinz Walz GmbH, the manufacturer of PAM chlorophyll fluorometers and other photosynthesis equipment.  Beginning in the summer of 2015, we’ve provided sales and technical support for the complete Walz product line which includes a diverse array of variable chlorophyll fluorescence instruments, gas exchange (CO2, H2O) instruments, and light meters.  You may have seen our vendor booth at some recent national and regional meetings.

This seemingly unlikely match of their instrumentation with our core MIMS products actually has a close bond in our founder’s academic research.  More than 20 years ago we were combining PAM fluorometry and MIMS in studies of algal photosynthesis and oxygen cycling.  In fact, the origin of MIMS in the early 1960’s was for directly dissolved oxygen isotope (18O) measurements, which allowed the simultaneous measurement of oxygen uptake and evolution (respiration and photosynthesis) in chloroplasts and algae.  That is, MIMS originated from the needs of photosynthesis research.  Kana’s academic work in the early 90’s involved 18O studies of photosynthetic oxygen cycling in marine algae using a ‘home-made’ (as were most) MIMS.

Around that same time, the relatively new method of measuring photosynthesis by variable chlorophyll fluorescence techniques (one of which was the Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) saturation pulse method using Walz instruments), was a natural complement to MIMS experiments.  One method (MIMS) measured gross oxygen evolution of photosynthesis whereas the other method (variable chlorophyll fluorescence) measured quantum yield of the photosystem responsible for oxygen evolution.  The two techniques were highly complementary and allow more detailed insight into the movement of electrons through the complex photosynthetic process. We’re looking forward to working with the internationally respected Walz company.

For over 40 years, they have been innovators in photosynthesis instrumentation for aquatic, terrestrial and biophysical research.  Their core group of photosynthesis experts provides state-of-the-art advice and assistance with applications and implementation of the Walz instrumentation.  Custom solutions are also a part of their business.  We bring 20+ years of experience using Walz PAM fluorometers and teaching variable chlorophyll fluorescence techniques to our clients.  We will be providing advice, marketing, and training on Walz instrumentation.

IMAGING PAM - Mini Version
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