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The Bay Instruments membrane inlet mass spectrometer (MIMS) is the de facto standard for denitrification studies which demand the highest precision for N2 and N2/Ar ratios.  Our MIMS is the instrument of choice for government and academic researchers, oceanographers, and environmental scientists who require precise measurements of dissolved gases in water. Our applications have grown over the last 25+ years to encompass denitrification, ecosystem oxygen studies, trace environmental gases, and stable isotope studies. Our MIMS provides high precision, rapid analysis, and small sample size capabilities with a small footprint that makes it an excellent candidate for field applications.

Bay Instruments MIMS


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The Annual Plant Biology Meeting
July 14-18, 2018
Montreal, Canada

Society for Freshwater Science Meeting
May 20-24, 2018
Detroit, Michigan

Offering the extensive line of Walz PAM fluorometers and gas exchange instruments

Known widely for their PAM fluorometers, Walz focuses on photosynthesis instrumentation. This is a natural addition to our expertise, building on 25 years of research and teaching PAM fluorometry, coupling with MIMS and the Walz PAM fluorometer in research. Look for new products capable of linking the MIMS and PAM in future.


Pfeiffer Vacuum Distributor

We have 25 years of experience with Pfeiffer Vacuum mass spectrometers and vacuum equipment

 and can provide equipment across their entire product line at discounted prices.


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