Walz GFS-3000 Portable Gas-Exchange and Fluorescence System

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  • The portable GFS-3000 is a high precision system for assessment of plant photosynthesis (CO2-uptake) or respiration (CO2-release) and transpiration – also combined with optical measurements.
  • Gas exchange measurements rely on the basic principle that changes in CO2 and H2O concentrations are determined when air passes through a climate controlled chamber containing a plant sample.
  • The GFS-3000 is suitable for controlled laboratory settings as well as demanding field conditions.
  • The GFS-3000 perfectly complements with other Walz systems giving access to numerous aspects of photosynthesis research.
  • The Portable Gas-Exchange and Fluorescence System GFS-3000 enables wide range climate control. All environmental parameters relevant for plant photosynthesis (CO2, H2